Tuesday, December 09, 2008

3 things in 7 pages

I did three things last night that I've never done before:
1) I went to Color Me Mine and painted something. We'll find out on Thursday if I'm really as artistic as I pretend.
2) I ate at Happy Sumo-YUM!
3) I ate a whole meal with chopsticks. Whoever wanted to work so hard for their food? But I got a good start, so I felt like I had to keep going.
So, are these events significant enough that I could now write my life process paper on them that's due tomorrow? Oh good grief. Nothing in my life feels impactful enough that I could analyze it in 7 pages.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Words I Like Lately

riveting - Denver
enthuse - Denver
debrief - Emily
sophomoric - Moroni
sabbatical - Bo
Should I be writing who these words are connected to that makes me like them? Okay.
ruse - Nick
another one bites the dust - James
remiss - Gentry
palatial - James
voracious - Elizabeth
cheese (as in "anger")
obtuse - Mama
and others I can't think of right now. I shall update the list as I remember.