Saturday, September 30, 2006

First-class Fool, me

This is my friend Stephanie Woolston. She's an awesome friend, so I felt like blogging about her tonight. See, I was supposed to drive down to Provo and see a local band's show with her tonight. Once again, I let her down and backed out. If it was an occasional thing, I wouldn't feel so bad, but it seems like every time Stephanie wants me to do something with her I stand her up. The excuse is usually a lame one. (Tonight I feel far too tired to drive down to Provo, which admittedly is lame, especially since I did want to hang out with Steph.) I felt like such an IDIOT when I got off the phone with her. Now, if I were her, I think I prolly would have dropped a friend like me long ago. But she was so sweet and nice about it still, and that is an incredible relief. So, hurrah for friends like Stephanie.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Four weeks ago tomorrow was my last day working at Heritage School, a residential treatment center for teenagers with psychiatric diagnoses. Disciplining unruly teens is sort of a high anxiety job, and so even though I don't miss it that much, there are aspects that I remember fondly. The best moments were when the clients made me laugh. Following are a few:
"Are you into all that God stuff?" -K when she saw my Draw Near Unto God book.
"All I ever wanted was a big piece!" -C playing Tetris.
"Why would you want to learn things? Learning's for learners." -D on why she didn't want to go to school.
"Hey guys, look. There's an old man walking by outside." -M, self-explanatory.
"Hey, she heard it plop." -C arguing about whether J was using the bathroom or not.
"I feel like Jesus." -R when she wore her hair wavy.
"Do you ever look at a horse and just get really, really hungry?" -A at lunch.
"You're medium cool." -M to J when she asked if he liked her.
"It smells like buttered popcorn." -R when she farted.
"I'm so pissed that they put me in anger management!" -S upon finding out which support group she was in.
"Your mom's a Jesus fish." -R.
"Does sugar have calories?" -C at lunch.
"You know what would be really funny? If I got the same shirt as a guy here, and then we wore the same pants, too, so we were wearing the same shirt and the same pants at the same time." -S, after some deep contemplation.
"You can't just ask a black woman for her cell phone number!" -A.
"My parents were going to name me Diana, but then I was born on St. Patrick's Day so they named me S." -S on origins of her name.

Ah, the folly of youth! ;)