Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Honeymoon's Over

so, I meant to post this several days ago. It's this weird thing that I feel after the first few initial weeks of liking a guy. Oh, he's just a normal person. But then I realize that he's still great and I'm more than anything angry at myself for ever HOPING that this could go somewhere. Or even letting myself hope. I guess that's where any relationship starts, though. The games are giving me a headache, and I think Emily pointed out nicely why--I fall fast and hard, so even when he's not there yet, I've already committed to him in my head, so every ensuing action is either seen as faithful or disloyal, even though he doesn't know. So the game is already over. I'm all yours.


Russ said...

I"m sorry, but I'm seeing someone else.

M. Olson said...

i know what you mean, here. i've functioned the same way since i was 9 or so. it's okay - it may make you feel crazy but it's okay.

and, if you get the chance, try to enjoy the way it all feels. it's not all just neurotic. there's something nice about it too.

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