Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trying Too Hard

My blog has become stale, hasn't it? My life has been so consumed by Facebook and text messaging, that I have managed to neglect my other technology outlets.
An interesting phenomenon has manifested itself in my life once again. (The mission caused me to forget it, I guess.) And that is, When It Rains It Pours. I guess it's just inertia--once something gets started it produces more of itself. Anyway, it makes life more exciting than it has been, that's for sure, but now I'm whining about not being able to maintain any sense of emotional equilibrium. Homeostasis is a comfort I can't afford. It'm willing to sacrifice that for right now.


Lisa said...

I will call you so you can clarify this vague yet very intriguing blog post. Love you!!

Amy said...

Christie, this blog is great! I just discovered it today. It is so totally you and I love it! By the way, you can still use the name Parker :)

Jazminwilss said...

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